Concrete batching plants for specific requirements

Only the customisation of the system to the specific requirements of the site ensures high efficiency. Consulting always comes first with Kaiser, in order to adequately reflect the conditions of the site in the plant design.
From the silos up to the conveyors and the mixers, all efficiency and quality potentials are used; the systems are designed for optimal output, taking account of sufficient reserve assests. Whether large-scale construction or heavy producer: Optimised Kaiser concrete batching plants are a strong link for each construction logistic situation; they facilitate a short construction time, a smooth operation and an economical cost structure .

  • Current Projects

  • TSN Beton, Wolfsburg
  • HASTAG, Gossau
  • Österreichische Betondecken Arge
  • Mobil Baustoffe
  • Mobile Concrete
  • Arge Beton Erstfeld